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We break this item out from risk management to highlight it, as we believe it’s at least as important as life insurance, particularly when you look at the odds of being diagnosed with a critical illness during your lifetime.

You’re going to do everything to survive your critical illness, but having proper insurance in place will make the world of difference in how you’re able to navigate your circumstances. We want you to thrive, not just survive, and we want you to financially get through it too.

For the sake of insurability, we believe everyone from birth to age 75 should consider this coverage. Why insure a child? Because having that insurance in place today will give them the opportunity to continue coverage into their adult lives, even if an illness in their medical history makes them otherwise uninsurable.

Similar to life and disability key person insurance, critical illness insurance can also be owned by a business. In these circumstances we work with human resources, accountants and generally the business owner.

Money is a good thing to have around when you’re sick as it affords you time and it creates options. It also keeps your larger financial plans on track. Our clients enjoy some peace of mind knowing their retirement funds and other financial goals won’t be derailed by lost income and large bills due to illness.

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