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An insurance-focused exercise, estate planning is what we do to ensure the transition of wealth from one generation to the next in a tax-advantaged way. When you die there will be taxes to pay. How much tax often depends on how your affairs are structured.

One of the benefits of working with Wilimek Wealth Advisory Group is the access we have to specialists, which helps us ensure that your plans will be executed in a timely and efficient manner when you die.

Although most people generally focus on their investments, it’s possible to achieve many of the same results in a less expensive way, using insurance. To make sure estate planning is done properly, it needs to be done in advance. Many people don’t think about these things – when the time comes that you need the planning, it will generally be too late to put it in place. (And this realization comes at an emotional time, usually.) Doing the planning upfront will make the event of your death much easier for your surviving people to cope with and carry on.

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