Financial Coaching

Building Confidence

Financial coaching is a service we extend to all current clients. A step on the path towards a proper financial plan, coaching includes ongoing education. It requires buy-in from our clients.

In return, in addition to making better, more informed decisions about their finances, our clients feel a strong sense of ownership over their plans. They’re more confident and generally empowered to make life’s financial decisions from a position of strength and understanding.

This service is ideally suited to those who admittedly have time constraints, but who also value having an understanding of the topic at hand to make informed decisions. Financial coaching is best deployed at the beginning of your engagement with Wilimek Wealth Advisory Group.

I think sometimes people don’t want to ask questions. But the more questions they ask, the more information they can get. I’m always open to questions. – Brock Wilimek, CHS

We’ll help you…

Make better financial decisions

Be more informed & confident

Better understand financial planning

Bring your questions. The more you ask, the more you can receive.

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