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Business owner clients close to retirement have a vested interest in passing on their companies in an organized way, as the value of their business is sometimes expected to be the future source of retirement income.

Our clients are also interested in leaving the next generation in a better position to carry the business forward. Knowing the business will continue to sustain multiple generations because the succession planning was done well can be a source of gratification.

There’s a misconception that succession planning is difficult and many do not wish to touch it. We’ve developed the skills though, and here’s why: Compelling statistics show that the majority of business owner clients want to retire soon. We want to help. Succession planning, generally, is an opportunity to create a plan, identify any possible deficiencies and then fill those gaps to maximize business value and effect a smooth transition.

Not just for business owners, this type of planning can also extend to families, as well. Those who wish to create and leave a legacy in their community or for future generations of their own can find this service and approach particularly useful.

We’ll help you with…

Create a plan

Identify possible deficiencies

Maximize business value

Ensure a smooth transition