Our Approach

We want to get to know you

To create plans that make sense now and into the future, we actually need to get to know you well. It’s a requirement of the profession. With us, it’s a calling.

We work on establishing trust with our clients because this is how we’re able to step into their place and think critically about what solutions we should recommend.

Education is also particularly important in our practice – both for our clients and for ourselves. We educate ourselves to learn new things, but also to be reassured that our knowledge and processes are up-to-date.

We educate our clients, meanwhile, to help them make fully informed decisions.

This continuous learning extends to us learning about our clients, as well, so that we can be sure all of the things that are important to you are also important to us. Finally, we are strong proponents of having a financial plan. Our clients appreciate this about us.

We will get things sorted and put you in a position where you’re able to measure how things are in the moment and where things are at relative to your larger plans.

I would take less money to make sure I’m doing the right thing for the client, every time. The way that I structure investments and look at making recommendations, I always try to put myself in their shoes.

Brock Wilimek, CHS

Wilimek Wealth Advisory Group Stands Out From the Rest

What To Expect

At our meetings we will provide you with an agenda, every time. We believe there’s value in reviewing past meeting topics and we have a systemic approach for taking in new information.

With new clients we even start creating your plan in front of you. Existing clients, meanwhile, benefit from being able to watch as we make necessary adjustments over time.

Once your plan is completed, we send it for review – the firm engages several specialists, including a specialist in financial plans. We do this review to ensure that we’re all seeing the same things (a financial plan includes many moving parts) and to ensure the recommendations being made are the best that we have to offer.