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Effectively organizing your finances can be a
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Brock & Hans Wilimek of Wilimek Wealth
Wilimek Wealth Toronto, GTA, Barrie

We want to get to know you. To create plans that make sense now and into the future, we actually need to get to know you well. It’s a requirement of the profession. With us, it’s a calling.

Wilimek Wealth Advisory Group is focused on making our clients’ situations better.

About Wilimek Wealth

There’s a pervasive suggestion in the world today that people should be able to do- it-themselves when it comes to managing investments and quoting their own insurance. The truth is, however, most of our clients know the difference between having this work done by an expert when compared to what might be generated by a do-it-yourself effort.

Savvy professionals know you would never self-study to conduct your own medical care or to advise yourself legally. They also know their time is either best spent earning or spent with the people and activities that feed their souls.

The help at your disposal is considerable too. We have the skills and resources you need, and we want to get to know you well. Most importantly? We have your best interests at heart and in mind – always.

Wilimek Wealth Advisory Group Toronto, Barrie

Wilimek Wealth Advisory Group Stands Out From The Rest:

Build Confidence with Financial Coaching

Financial coaching is a service we extend to all current clients. A step on the path towards a proper financial plan, coaching includes ongoing education. With our financial coaching, you’ll be able to:

Strategic Financial Planning

When clients want to dig deeper into their planning, we absolutely want to create that plan. We help you see where you’re at and identify where you’d like to be, to provide information and guidance along the way. You’ll gain access to:

Make Informed Decisions Risk Management

Risk management solutions can take a variety of forms, depending on the risks we want to address. Regardless of the circumstances, there’s likely a suitable form of life or disability insurance that can be applied for to fit your budget. Examples of risks we help cover include:

Critical Illness Insurance Coverage

We break this item out from risk management to highlight it, as we believe it’s at least as important as life insurance, particularly when you look at the odds of being diagnosed with a critical illness during your lifetime. We offer this service to:

Protect Your Assets with Estate Planning

An insurance-focused exercise, estate planning is what we do to ensure the transition of wealth from one generation to the next in a tax-advantaged way. When you die there will be taxes to pay. How much tax often depends on how your affairs are structured. Benefits of this include:

Protect Your Business with Succession Planning

Business owner clients close to retirement have a vested interest in passing on their companies in an organized way, as the value of their business is sometimes expected to be the future source of retirement income. Succession planning allows you to: