Considerations When Choosing Guardians

Creating a will is a significant step towards securing your family’s future, and one of the most critical decisions during this process is choosing guardians for your children. For parents, the thought of not being there to care for their children is undoubtedly challenging, but addressing this possibility in your will is essential for their well-being. The process of selecting guardians requires careful consideration and thoughtful planning. Here are some important questions to take into consideration when selecting a guardian:

Age & Physical Ability

Many people want to their parents as guardians, but in 5, 10, or even 15 years, would your parents be able to care for them? Does your child or children require additional care and attention because of special needs or disability?


It’s important to consider location when choosing a guardian. If you choose someone in another city, province, or even country, could you see your children being raised there? Would you want the guardian(s) to move into your home? Would you want your child to stay in their current location for some stability?

Values & Beliefs

Does your guardian share the same values? Are you religious and wish for your children to continue practicing their religion?

Marital Status

Are you choosing a couple? As an example, if you have a sister you’d like to appoint as a guardian alongside her husband, it would be wise to just appoint your sister. That way, in the event of a divorce, your sister will still be the guardian.

Have a Backup!

In the event a chosen guardian cannot fulfill any commitments, do you have a backup guardian in mind? It would be beneficial to choose a backup guardian so the courts can fulfill this wish in the event of death.

Once you’ve selected your guardian(s) for your minor child or children, you need to communicate this to the selected person(s), and have it documented by completing a will. Choosing guardians for your children when completing your will is an emotionally challenging but vital decision. The well-being and future of your children depend on thoughtful consideration and planning. Take the time to evaluate potential guardians based on their values, parenting style, emotional stability, and financial responsibility. For more information, take a look at the infographic below:

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